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By making reservations on this site, you agree to abide by the policies described herein as well as in our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement. Please review these policies carefully from time to time as they are subject to change.

Tax Recovery Charges

In General: Pinnacle does not collect taxes, governmental fees or other charges for, or remit taxes to, taxing authorities as a vendor or co-vendor. Instead, Pinnacle pays all such amounts directly to vendors (our travel suppliers), as and when and in the amounts billed by each vendor. Each vendor must then remit such amounts to the appropriate taxing authorities. In order to recover the amount of such taxes, governmental fees and other charges, Pinnacle imposes a tax recovery charge on transactions as outlined below:

Air Transactions: Pricing of air transactions, whether stand-alone or part of a travel package that includes air, are based on one person in the applicable passenger category (adult, child, etc.), and consist of a base fare plus any applicable tax recovery charge. Such tax recovery charge represent a recovery of all additional applicable transaction taxes, governmental fees and other charges that Pinnacle must pay to the relevant airline(s) in connection with your travel arrangements, including but not limited to: (i) Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to US$18.00, depending on itinerary; (ii) Federal Segment Fees of US$4.00 per segment (defined as a takeoff and a landing); (iii) the September 11th Security Fee of US$5.60 per flight segment; (iv) a Travel Facilities Tax of up to US$8.40 per segment for domestic flights beginning or ending in Alaska or Hawaii; and (v) for international fares, a federal immigration fee of US$7.00 per roundtrip. International Government Fees and Taxes and airport imposed fees may also be charged and will vary depending on routing and destination. Air fares may be subject to additional restrictions, may not be available on all flights, and may change without notice. Air fares are not guaranteed unless fully paid and tickets issued. Specific fare rules are provided prior to your purchase decision.

Hotel Transactions: Amounts listed as taxes and fees on Pinnacle hotel transactions consist of a tax recovery charge recovering all applicable transaction taxes, government fees and other charges that Pinnacle must pay to the relevant hotel(s) in connection with your travel arrangements. These may include sales and use tax, occupancy, room tax, excise tax, value added tax, etc. paid by Pinnacle to the vendors in connection with your travel arrangements.

Car and Other Transactions: Prices displayed for Total Price car rentals include a tax recovery charge recovering all applicable transaction taxes, governmental fees and other charges that Pinnacle must pay to the relevant car rental companies in connection with your travel arrangements. In the case of car suppliers that do not provide Total Price information, taxes, governmental fees and other charges will not be included in the displayed price and will instead be disclosed prior to purchase.

Taxes, governmental fees and other charges on any travel-related transactions not otherwise discussed above will be as disclosed prior to purchase.

Service Fee: A non-refundable fee per passenger ticket may be charged by Pinnacle for each air transaction booked via our on-line booking service, by telephone or by email. To the extent any service fee applies, it will be included in the airfare and itemized prior to purchase. This service fee will billed to the same form of payment as used for the air tickets, and appear as a separate charge. In certain cases, hotel transactions may include a service fee covering the costs incurred by Pinnacle in servicing your hotel booking.

Reservations for departures occurring within 24 hours or less may not be taken by telephone, depending on the circumstances of travel or travel vendors involved.

Express Shipping Fees:  Most travel documents will be issued electronically. Should you wish express delivery of paper travel documents, shipping fees will be assessed for second business day, next business day and international delivery and will be advised at the time arrangements are confirmed.

Fees for Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Itinerary changes, cancellations and refunds, if permitted by the air fare rule, may incur additional fees that vary by market, carrier, class and specific fare rule.

Fees for Ticket Reissue:  For changes to previously issued tickets that require new tickets to be issued, a service fee may be charged.

Additional Information Regarding Travel Packages

Travel Package Pricing: Unless otherwise noted, prices shown for travel packages are in USD for one adult and are, if the travel package includes hotel, based upon double occupancy. Prices for Special Deals include all applicable taxes and fees. Prices are subject to change based your choice of travel dates, number of travelers, departure city, and your choice of flight, hotels or other items, and may require a minimum nights’ stay. Also, remember that you may incur other charges while traveling, such as hotel extra-person or extra-bed charges, resort fees, gratuities, hotel energy surcharges, parking fees, telephone fees, room service, movies, mini-bar, or rental car insurance, gasoline, and other incidentals, that are not included in the package price.

Your total price for any transaction, including all amounts payable to Pinnacle, will always be displayed to you prior to purchase.