• Pinnacle Travel Services provides comprehensive Travel Management Services with the unique knowledge requirements of Government contracts with years of unrivaled expertise.
  • Provide a self-booking tool for a simple to set, easy to use and cost effective solution to your travel management needs. DEEM and Thomalex-ResVoyage Corporate delivers robust technology backed by years of experience.
  • Tailored travel compliance search engine. Offering single and multi-level approval, rule based and cost saving parameter pre-sets and reporting.
  • Incorporates GSA rates with existing partnerships, consortia and the latest automated software technology that searches available booking sites, compares rates and availability. Pinnacle will ensure you are receiving the best value possible.
  • Travel Management reporting customized to your needs, including Historical Data, Travel Detail Reporting, Cost Savings Report, Who’s Where, Top Spenders and more.
  • Pinnacle Travel Services is a certified Minority Owned Corporation located in El Segundo, California, we are committed to providing Global Travel Assistance to our clients. Pinnacle offers 24/7 service through our Online Booking Tool, Mobile Website or Live Agent assistance.

For additional information on how Pinnacle Travel Services can provide a professional, cost effective and efficient
solution for your Travel Management needs, please contact us.  We look forward to serving you.

E-mail:  government@ptsla.com

Phone: (888) 896-3636

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